14 August, 2008

Working, walking, reading, and watching

I have settled in to a comfortable groove at work and am able to be more myself.  Though I am still on my best behavior, of course; I am a professional.  Also, I remain cognizant of the fact that I am more liberal than my colleagues.  What a shock that computer engineering isn’t renowned for its population of aging hippies.
So, I keep my comments about politics and religion to a minimum, and don’t go looking for an argument.  And I know better than to joke about religion, sex, or politics in a business environment.  That doesn’t mean I won’t enter into a debate if it is really necessary.  But I generally just focus on the task at hand rather than making my usual slew of sarcastic and sacrilegious remarks.
But my sense of humor is not restricted to the genre of the Daily Show, and it is good to have laughter around me.  I have always loved being able to make people laugh.  I have always thought that it was one of my best traits, my ability to juggle an intense focus at work and yet never missing a chance to impart a witty rejoinder.  Since I am both a clown and a workaholic I think I strike a good balance.  If I were too much of either, I wouldn’t be a good worker.
I went hiking the other day with my downstairs neighbor and her son.  It was pleasant.  They showed me some very nice trails in the area to go hiking; the mountains near here are gorgeous.  Not as high as around Asheville, NC, but still quite peaceful.  My neighbor also has some new age-y beliefs, so she also showed me where the metaphysical shop in town was; which was nice.  I was almost out of my sandalwood oil.
I also picked up some polished jet; I had never seen anything like it.  It looked like hematite, but was light as a feather.  Stiff as a board, too, probably, since it is fossilized wood.
I’m kind of frustrated that some of my favorite shows are not returning this fall.  At least Bones, House and Terminator are coming back.  I do detest the Fox network (ptuh!) but those are some good shows.  The rest (Heroes, Friday Night Lights, Lost) I suppose I shall have to wait until spring.  It makes me sad, because I actually have more time working than I ever had as a student.  I spend more time away from home, but I have no homework, other than that which I assign myself.
Speaking of which , I am reading an interesting book which proposes the Universe is a quantum computer.  Programming the Universe, it is called, by a professor of quantum mechanics.  It is surprisingly easy to understand, and I highly recommend it.
I picked up a copy of David Allen Coles Getting Things Done and I think I will try to implement it in my life.  I could always be more organized.  Time management is more important than money.  You can never borrow more time.
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