28 January, 2004

A response to 'Cowboys' Pt 6

Now, as to your motivations for sending me the object in question….
I assume that you thought I was a republican, or at least that I supported Bush. I am not, and I
do not. As I said, I think Bush is a bully. I think he is a liar, and the best he is in my
estimation is an incompetent boob who chooses not to accept responsibility for the intelligence
failures of his administration. That makes him a piss poor leader. Any way you cut it. A leader
is responsible for the actions of his squad, platoon, battery, corps, army, or nation. He was
entrusted with the lives and spirits of the men and women of our nations armed services, and HE
BETRAYED THAT TRUST. I do not like Bush. I did not vote for him, but he took the election,
I assume that you thought I appreciated the cowboy spirit of America, the pioneer spirit. And I
do. That is precisely the reason I responded with such vehemence that anyone would correlate the
heroes of my youth with the villain that is in the White House. I have met cowboys, and Mr Bush
is not a cowboy. He is a bully that I wish would just ride the hell into the sunset. I cannot
wish him into the sunset, so I shall ride off that way instead. I can refrain from acting, now.
I do not have to act on the flimsy reasoning that has caused my men to take innocent lives. But I
shall not forgive him for it. This country deserves a better leader than one who appears to want
to show the world just how large his penis is. He is a thug who has the support of the masses
because they are so maleable. I didn’t think that the Mac an Airchinnig’s were maleable. I know
I am not.
I do not know how you could have thought this, but I must assume that you thought I was pleased
with the capture of Saddam. Actually, I think it was a spin. It was nice they caught him just in
time for a nice victory celebration during the christmas holiday, sort of a way to show the
triumph of good over evil, of Christianity over Muslims; the victory of the one true god,
according to General Boykin, over the heathen gods and idols of our ‘enemies’.
Mr. Bush is using the strength and power of the American Military to carry out an agenda which
does not have Freedom’s interest at heart. The country which decides to trade Liberty for
Security deserves neither. It WAS Ben Franklin who said this. Do you think he was wrong? Doi
you think his words have lost their meaning? I do not. And I place a lot more faith in the words
of a man I know existed and I agree with and respect than I do in the words of a man who was
almost certainly misrepresented and misquoted, if not through deliberate action, then through
inadvertant mistranslations. There are so many Truths that one can read in the red letter print
of the KJV. But the best way to put a lie over on the masses is to bury it deep deep deep in a
bunch of Truth.
Freedom requires that we read the fine print. I think that America as a whole has lost the
ability, or at least the desire, to read the fine print. I think that it is sad. But I shall not
shed tears over a society that chooses to go this route. It is historical. All societies come
and go. And a greater nation always rises from the ashes of the old, just like Rome was stronger
and more free in it’s time than Athens, and America was better than Rome. But all things come to
pass. I believe in the words found in Leviticus, as well as those sung by Simon and Garfunkle.
End Part 6

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