07 November, 2003

Jessica Lynch

Jessica Lynch was a victim, not a hero
Prepare to be pissed off. If you are spoon fed your opinions, this might make you choke.
PFC Lynch found herself under the mediocre command of a fool who could not read a map.
End of story.
How many people have died because of fools that were in charge? It does NOT make them heroes to survive a fool. It makes them lucky to be alive.
America had not wanted to do the whole awe-and-shock crap, we could have walked through Iraq, mopping up as we went along. Any AIT Infantryman will tell you this is easier then going back.
PFC Lynch had been under the control of a Warrior, as opposed to a CLERK WEARING CAPTAINS BARS, they would not have taken a wrong turn.
REMF’s had actually done Sergeant’s Time, they would have been able to defend themselves.
Bush hadn’t wanted to play, “I have a bigger penis than my dad”, this war need not have happened.
Check my facts, and my background. Then, if you think I am wrong, tell me why.

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