05 December, 2008

Good morning, Rydell!

Patrick:     "He tried to burn a man alive.  He’s our bait.  He’s our tethered goat, if you will."
Theresa:   "And it is OK if the goat gets killed?"
Patrick:     "Well, yes, that is why we don’t use babies, or virgins for that matter."
I have developed a fondness for the show, The Mentalist.  I really like the character played by Simon Baker.  Very engaging.
I went to a party that the lead Co-op threw last night for the end of term.  Many of the co-ops are graduating next semester and won’t be back.  It was the first time I was able to attend one of the after hours functions, because I didn’t have a car for so long.  We played Rock Band and Ryan accompanied us on live guitar (the dude is incredible) and then we went to the playground to demolish a piñata that Micah had built of the lake monster. 
Awards were given for various facetious merits, such as most likely to be Batman’s (a picture circulated in which our CEO was masked as Batman, and the legend grew from there) sidekick or who had the best paint skills (a common response in our e-mail threads is ‘pic or it didn’t happen’ and the challenged must illustrate using MS Paint (photoshop is cheating).  The winners got to take swings at the piñata.
There was a little drinking, but not a ridiculous amount.  It was pretty tame, all in all.  I left about 10, having felt like crud all day anyway, and the time at the playground in the cold made it worse.  I hope to become closer friends with some of the co-ops over the next semester; at least the ones living in Huntsville.  Maybe next semester I can host an event here; a barbecue or something.
Today I am watching the SEC championship game (ROLL TIDE) and hoping that Florida loses.  I don’t really care, but I have been making quips all semester that the Tide always goes undefeated when I am in Alabama.  My lead engineer is a Gator fan, and even though he is writing my review, I will still be able to good-naturedly rib him if his team loses.
I am taking Angelina in to get altered and have her nails done this Tuesday.  They are using lasers, so it should heal quickly, which is nice.  I hope it doesn’t change her personality much.  I hope she forgives me.  She is still a little twitchy from the fly-paper fiasco.  But that was all her fault.  She should not have been up on the refrigerator.  Poor little thing.  I tried really hard not to laugh, but she was a mess, and totally freaked out.
I finished all the tests I needed to do before the due date and am being given one additional interdepartmental project on which to work as well as an individual project that I should finish before I end my work term on the 5th of January.   I feel really appreciated here.  I think I will miss it when I go back to school.
I need to get to the bookstore and get my books so I can start studying for next semester.  20 hours.  It’s gonna be rough.

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