28 January, 2004

A response to 'Cowboys': Conclusion, and On Privacy

However, and the most misunderstood thing that I did, probably, was in sending my response to
everyone that you had forwarded that to. I am sure you must be wondering just what in the heck my
reasons could be for that.
Have you thought about the ten commandments? What they mean? How to manifest them in our daily
lives? Let me just take a moment to reflect on the ninth commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false
witness against thy neighbor.”
What this means, to me, is more than just not lying. It actually is not a proscription against
falsehood in general (I have my own reasons for that, so I don’t (try not to) lie), but against
speaking falsely against ones neighbors. It means that we should not say things about people that
are not true, we do not spread rumors, we do not gossip. We should say what we know to be true,
and on all else be silent, in regards to the motives and thought processes of our neighbors. This
will ensure that we do not accidentally imply that our neighbors believe or behave in a way that
is not True.
Do you see where I am going with this?
By including my e-mail address in that post along with everyone elses (and I must say that had you
used BCC, I would not have been able to react the way I did, nor would I have). But you first,
invaded my privacy by giving my e-mail address to all those you forwarded the message to, as well
as implicitly grouping me with those people who would be pleased that some senior citizen cared so
much about our country they just had to make this extremely professional and well spun addition to
the Net traffic. As I said, I am not convinced that this was not an attempt to garner support for
the administration. Have you studied the mass media, and the way it is used to mold peoples
perceptions? The Truth shall set you free, but the mass media is not all Truth. Surely you
recognize this, or else you would be a consumer driven person who spent all of their time keeping
up with the Jones’. I do not perceive you as that way, My Sister; indeed, I have faith in all my
family that you are able to see more clearly than the average American citizen. I ask you to look
closely at what is going on.
I will not have untruths spread about me. Implying that I would appreciate what you sent me (and
indeed, why would you have sent it to me if you did not think I would appreciate it?) implied that
I believed the same as the creator of the Cowboys document. I do not. I am diametrically opposed
to what the administration is doing. I support our troops, because they gave up their choice to
decide, when all is said and done. They trusted America to not send them into harms way for
reasons other than the gravest threat to our Nation. Violence is to be used sparingly; not for
the ‘shock and awe’ value. These are the things I have decided are True. I do not think I am
alone in these thoughts on the use of violence; but America was ‘wounded’ on 911, and like any
animal, the first thing it wanted to do was to strike back. And so we did. But the striking back
was not reasoned, and so we lost our status as the good guys.
And no amount of wearing a white hat will change that. I also like Chuck Norris, at least his old
stuff. Good Guys Wear Black. The Lone Ranger wore a mask. And beware of the wolf in sheeps
The only possibility that I have thought of that I have yet to discuss is the possibility that you
sent it to me knowing that I disagreed. It is fine if you do this. I like to discuss issues. I
do not think I have the final answers to many of my opinions. I know my opinions are filtered
through all of the crap in my subconscious. But I have made my Magnum Opus the discovery of
Truth. My opinions are not arrived upon lightly, and they are not based upon perceptions provided
for me. They are based on research, experience, prayer, meditation, and above all WORKING my
But, if you did indeed send it to me knowing that I disagreed, surely you would have assumed I
would respond in a negative fashion. If it shocked you that I disagreed, I apologize for the
disruption of your peace. If you thought that it would change my mind, you’ll have to do better
than that. So will the administration. I stick with Paine and Franklin and Jefferson and
Hamilton. They would have fought against what this administration is doing. They would have
condemned the country that allowed the administration to do it.
Be very careful about thinking that I am unpatriotic based upon my reaction to Mr. Bush’s actions.
Call my words unpatriotic or my acting on my first amendment freedom to voice my dissent
traitorous, and you will find that it also does not have the desired result. I KNOW what a
patriot is. I KNOW what America stands for. I READ the Constitution for kicks. Mr. Bush’s
father gave me a copy of the Constitution shortly before I fought in my first conflict. I still
have it, next to my oath of enlistment. The quickest way to be called a traitor in this new world
order is to repeat the words written by the founders of this country. How sadly ironic.
I still love and respect you all. However, I know that my views are not your views. I will not
start a conversation trying to prove that I am right and you are wrong. I am more than happy to
discuss anything in a nonjudgemental manner, but this, it has been made evident, is likely not
going to happen. I am a Priest of my religion, a Shaman, and a Warrior. It is EVERYTHING that I
am, because I have weeded out of the garden of my mind all forms of self delusion, which is the
original sin. IF you do not wish to know me as a priest, a warrior, or a shaman, then you are
very limited as to what parts of me are left for you to know.
But, if my family decides that they do not want to know the why’s and how’s and what’s of who I
am, then they should be very careful about what they say in their ignorance of the man who is in
this body.
I did not come up for Christmas because I knew that my views are not yours. It is no fun for me
to be around people who disagree with me, unless there can be diologue. If it is your wish to
ignore my views, so be it. But accord me the same benefit by not sending me your views without
expecting me to respond with mine.
My views are worth defending. If they were not, I would discard them for views that WERE worth
defending. I am not saying that my views are right, I acknowledge I could be mistaken. But I
KNOW why I hold the views that I hold, and so someone merely thinking I am wrong will not get me
to change them. Through open dialogue, all parties can win in any discussion or conflict. Just
like in Chess, there are no losers. One will be proved to have the better Tao, or game, or
argument; the other will have the opportunity to learn a more efficient and correct manner in
which to act.
I hope this clears up any questions that may have arisen.

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