28 January, 2004

A response to 'Cowboys', pt 5

GW Bush was not elected by the people of this country. War was not declared by this country.
This country did not want to send troops to Iraq, and did so only after they were convinced by
their ‘leader’ that it was a necessary evil in order to prevent an attack by WMD, which we were
assured were there, just waiting to be used.
This country was LIED to, My Dear Sister. If you have excused that action, and still respect your
leaders, then that is your choice, and ye shall reap what ye sow, as it says in the KJV.
I think that it will begin to weigh heavily on the conscience of this country the amount of
innocent lives that are being lost. And I am not just talking about OUR lives. I am also talking
about little Achmed who was just trying to get some milk and was gunned down by our troops who
returned fire (christ, we are using ARTILLERY to return small arms fire) indiscriminately. I
think that it already weighs on the hearts of our servicemembers, I know it does with those in my
last unit, whom I have spoken with. But I think we will not be able to protest like in Viet Nam.
Too much spin has taken place. The animals that are ‘more equal’ than others will not let us
voice our dissent. Dissenters are branded as ‘unpatriotic’ or ‘traitors’ or ‘islamic
fundamentalists’ or ‘bleeding heart liberals’. And so the dissenters, thinking that their society
is more important than the FREEDOM to state their dissent, cow down and shut up. I am not a cow,
and I will not be led to that final shoot by some hick from Texas that thinks he can think for me.
This country has lost the pioneer spirit. It is so caught up in bread and circuses that it
doesn’t care what the powers that be do, as long as they are fed and entertained. Democracy has
to be more than two wolves and a sheep voting over what is for dinner.
I submit that Jefferson and Franklin and Hamilton were also branded as ‘unpatriotic’ and
traitorous’. I am not, I say again, I AM NOT suggesting that we dissolve this government. This
is the best form of government that the history of man has ever shown, and I don’t have all the
answers. I do know, though, that we are moving away from what our founding fathers wanted for us.
They did NOT want a federal government that controlled everything and determined the morality of
the nation. They most assuredly did not want a federal government that chose one religion over
another, because that is the first step in banning all other forms of worship.
(And as an aside, the founding fathers were NOT all Christian, and they were NOT trying to protect
the rights of only the Christians. Most of them were actually Unitarians, many of them
Freemasons. Freemasons recognize that religious texts are important as a guideline for behavior,
but they do not chose one text over another. The Bible is in every Temple, but the Koran or the
Torah or the Talmud is just as welcome. It is not what book one reads, but how one applies those
teachings to life that connects us as Humans. Trying to say that this book or that book is the
actual and ONLY word of God the Father or Goddess the Mother is so pompous and arrogant and so
easily disprovable it is laughable; or would be if it had not been the cause of so much slaughter
in the History of Man.)
So, take a moment, please, to process what I have written, because now I shall share with you what
I must assume your motivations were to cause you to send me that little presentation on cowboys.
I do not know why you did not know these things about me. I do not think it is because of any
vagaries on my part. I am more than willing to talk about my reasons for things. I am quite
proud of my thought processes, and think that I have hit upon many Truths in my travels. I also
feel that I am more in touch with what is going on in the world that is someone who is merely
spoonfed their news from CNN or Fox. Not saying you are spoonfed, but I will say most of America
is sorely happy to have the rosey outlook that comes from ignorance.
End Part 5

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