30 April, 2009

If I could teleport

If I could somehow myself atomize
With intent to travel and re-materialize
I’d teleport to where you slept
(You would not wake as in I crept)
I’d nuzzle gently behind your ear
And whisper softly, "Please wake up, dear"
And share with me your precious time
For I will gladly give you mine
And together we will build a dream
Where everything is what it seems
And long we’d live and loud we’d laugh
Happiness expands by simple math
Give me your hug, I’ll give you mine
We’ll sit and talk with arms entwined
Of life and love and poetry
Or maybe just of you and me.
                              —J.S. McAnarney, 2009

28 April, 2009


Not long ago I let myself
Do something I had sworn
To keep from doing, out of fear
Of winding up forlorn
I met this girl (she’s mighty fine)

What was I thinking of?
We became friends; she’s pretty great
And I fell deep in love.

"Hush hush!" I whispered

To my heart.  "Don’t let her see your plight!"
"She’ll mock you, hate you, run away!"
So I restrained myself, from fright
Not well, I guess.  I’m very poor
At secrets and denial.
When she told me I'm adored
I must admit I smiled.

To think that she might feel for me

The way I felt for her.
Gave me goosebumps down my spine
That, to this day, endure.
And now I have her, she’s all mine
If you don’t believe just look.
These things I say are true. I swear!
It says so right on Facebook.
        -J.S.McAnarney, 2009