28 April, 2009


Not long ago I let myself
Do something I had sworn
To keep from doing, out of fear
Of winding up forlorn
I met this girl (she’s mighty fine)

What was I thinking of?
We became friends; she’s pretty great
And I fell deep in love.

"Hush hush!" I whispered

To my heart.  "Don’t let her see your plight!"
"She’ll mock you, hate you, run away!"
So I restrained myself, from fright
Not well, I guess.  I’m very poor
At secrets and denial.
When she told me I'm adored
I must admit I smiled.

To think that she might feel for me

The way I felt for her.
Gave me goosebumps down my spine
That, to this day, endure.
And now I have her, she’s all mine
If you don’t believe just look.
These things I say are true. I swear!
It says so right on Facebook.
        -J.S.McAnarney, 2009

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