10 December, 2008

Quote of the day

Patient:  Isn’t there another way I could be pregnant?  Like sitting on a toilet seat?
House:  Absolutely!  Yes!  There would have to be a guy sitting between you and the toilet seat, but yes.
People at work forget I am just a co-op.  That is probably one of the best compliments I could be given.
I have been working diligently at a code which will parse over 8000 lines of messages and strip them down to the information in which I am interested and then compare it to another file to ensure completeness of coverage from a database driven TACACS+ test against the Cisco ACS on both the TA5000 (MSAP) and the Netvanta 838 (NCTE).
I love my job.  I love absofuckinglutely LOVE writing code for a real project.  It gives me the short term sense of accomplishment I crave when I get a piece of the puzzle to work.  More importantly, it exercises my long term planning fetish by letting me figure out how all the different pieces fit together and then making them harmonize in the symphony I both write and conduct.

I got Angelina altered (I am not a fan of the term ‘fixed’ because I figure she was perfect the way she was) and had her nails done the other day.  I paid extra for them to use the lasers, but I was not prepared for a $430 bill.  Brennna had the same procedure done in Missouri (sans lasers) for $120.  I am glad I didn’t buy that laptop last weekend.  She is doing fine, but Brenna is being quite, um, catty.  I guess she thought I had finally rid the household of the interloper and was not pleased when I let her back in.
I go back to school in less than a month.  My last day at Adtran is the 31st.  I am nervous.  New school and all.  I hope I didn’t forget things I need to know for this semester. 
I want to go to Ireland for Spring Equinox.  I want to watch the surf break against the cliffs as the sun rises and make love in the grass, the heat of our passion cooled by the early morning dew.
I still don’t think The Dark Knight was better than Batman Begins.
I always stop behind a car in traffic so that I can see their tires touch the ground.  I don’t like it when people get on my ass; I feel like it is just asking for a pileup, and I don’t want a domino collision if the asshole four cars back doesn’t figure out we have stopped in time.  I have been an angry old man driver lately.  I wish I had a cane to shake at all the whippersnappers.
My UPS doesn’t work with Vista, it seems.  Power outages go straight to the computer instead of being buffered by the UPS as it should be.  This aggravates and confuses me.  Why should it matter what OS I have?  The UPS in the living room works with my Tivo and PS3. 
Netflix has finally teamed up with Tivo, and now I can watch movies on demand through my Tivo.   Foxmarks has finally came out with an option for IE.  Now if I can just get the Jews and the Muslims to get along.

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