02 November, 2008

Minor update, minor rant

  • First, I was very sorry to read about Barak’s grandmother. Call me cynical, but I am already pre-pissed off at what I imagine will be a bunch of conservative talking heads whispering about the sympathy vote after we elect our first black president.
  • I am not going to try and do NaNoWriMo. I’m a pussy. I don’t think I’ll have time, and I don’t want to do it for twenty days just to piss out in the last mile. There is just too much stuff at work and I need to get geared up for school next semester. Did I mention I was a pussy?
  • I am in love with dual monitors and, like dual sliding doors on minivans, don’t know how I ever lived without them. Today I got hooked up with them at work as well because I saw some extra CRT monitors laying around. No one wants the old CRTs because they are not as sexy as LCD. Two 20 inch CRTs beat one 19 inch LCD in my book. I am in love with the real estate of the desktop. It comes in so handy when I write code because I can have all my references open at the same time, as well as my telnet sessions.
  • I have been in a really good mood lately. It doesn’t take much to make me laugh. I’m kind of bipolar, I figure, but this part I like.
  • Some people can just suck it. I know that is not very zen of me, but I never thought I would need to use the block capability of being a member. Some people just like to stir up shit, though. It’s not all false, but the true parts are spun pretty hard. And the methodology is just satanic. Hell hath no fury, right? So if you are still here it means
    1. You are a lurker and I don’t know you. You should say hi. I am not going fav only, so you don’t need to be added or anything in order to come here. But it would be nice if you would wave once in a while.
    2. I love you or I respect you or I like reading you or some combination of the three all coupled with my belief you have not tried to fuck me over.
    3. You have been a thorn in my ass, but I either don’t know it so haven’t blocked you or you are logged on as someone else just so you can snoop. Get a life. Or have, better yet, the decency to confront me. I’ve been open and honest as I can right now and given you the opportunity to speak. It is my right as a human to face my accusers, and if you won’t afford me that, then I will do all I can to ignore you.
  • If I have blocked you and you think I shouldn’t have and you have come here under a pseudo-pseudonym, let me know why I was wrong, if you like, and I will happily unblock you. But I will tell you why I blocked you first.
EDIT: Best quote today: Obama, to a crowd that started booing (like at a McCain rally) when he mentioned McCain’s repeated assertions that the economy was fundamentally sound:
“You don’t have to boo. You just have to vote.”

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