01 October, 2008

There are 10 kinds of people in the world

…those who know binary and those who don’t.
I haven’t been to work in a couple of days.  I have felt like shit both emotionally and physically, so I took advantage of the sick days I have earned.  Well, I also took advantage of the sick days I will earn, since I have gone in the hole.
I got a secure VPN packet from work so I could work from home, but it seemed to slow my whole system down.  I have never liked Norton, and my hard drive was starting to make funny noises.  I rolled back my system to a few days ago and I used my Tune-Up utilities (best 30 bucks I ever spent) to clear out all the gunk and do a thorough check of my physical system.
Well, that screwed up my MBR, I think, when Windows started messing with my hard drives FAT tables.  Because, after I did this, it wouldn’t let me boot into Linux at all.  And, not only that, it didn’t want to boot into Windows.  So I thought I would just do a clean reinstall of both systems.
I keep most of my particular files (music, documents, etc) on a separate hard disk.  If I ever feel the need to do a clean wipe of my whole system and rebuild it from scratch, I can easily do it without losing too much data.
But when I reinstalled, my monitor kept shutting down as soon as I loaded the drivers for it.  When I moved to LCD, I gave away my old CRT monitor, as well as the VGA cables.  The LCD monitor has VGA inputs, but I couldn’t troubleshoot the problem using those without a cable.
I put in an old card that had HDMI output, and the same thing happened.  So it could either be the HDMI cable or the monitor, or (god forbid) the mother board.  I tried to hook the computer up to the TV with an HDMI-DVI converter cable, but couldn’t get a picture.
So I had two possibilities that I needed more equipment to troubleshoot.  So, since I have been thinking about going to a dual monitor setup, anyway, I went ahead and picked up another Acer 22 inch widescreen.  I got one with a better contrast ratio this time, the 700:1 is fine for documents, but the colors in a movie seem kind of washed out.  The monitor comes with both sets of cables, so now I have all I need to troubleshoot my system.
I am going to go ahead redo my entire main hard drive.  I can download MS Virtual Machine from the University, so I will just run windows and run Linux from within on the VM.  Currently I am loading a new OS on my desktop while I write this on m laptop.
I did lose a few items which were stored in my documents under windows instead of on the Media drive.  I couldn’t access them because I had turned off administrative shares when I loaded the VPN for work.   So, I lost all of the stuff I had downloaded with BitTorrent in the last few months and all my porn.  I guess that is Jesus’ way of telling me not to pirate stuff and look at porn.
I also lost all my pictures and graphics, but I think I have them backed up on a DVD somewhere.  I am not doing much web design lately, so I really don’t need the graphics, anyway.  But I had a lot of really good digital photos that I had found, as well as some awesome artwork.
But, I haven’t accessed any of it for months or years, so I guess it is alright.  It is like throwing out clothes I don’t wear.
Hopefully it is not my motherboard and after this new install everything will work.  I don’t feel like dicking with a motherboard today.


EDIT:   Ah, Ironman is here.   I love Blockbuster online.  Especially since none of the stores around here carry a good selection of Blu-ray.  Now I can get back to my fucking off.
EDIT 1.2  Well, I haven’t yet loaded the Virtual Machine to set up Linux within Windows, but so far everything seems to be going well.  I really got hooked on the dual monitor setup at work in my boss’s office.  In my little office (and here at home) I only had the one monitor.  I love having two full sized monitors.  It increases my productivity (as well as my fucking off, which seems contradictory, but its not) in a big way.  I can watch an episode of 2 1/2 Men, write an entry, and check my e-mail all at once.

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