03 October, 2008


Fucking backstabbing whoremongering bootlicking cocksuking motherfucking shiteating worthless piles of dungrolling maggot infested crotch grabbing ass munching syphilitic emotional lepers.
Namasté, of course, means that the light in me bows to the light in you.  However, sometimes the Shadow in me wants to bitch slap the Shadow in some of you.
This whole passive aggressive thing is really annoying.
Yeah?  You wanna try just aggressive?
~~Detective Jo Lupo, Eureka
Been to the high, I’ve been to the low
And I’ve been to lots of places that I didn’t wanna go
But I ain’t see nothing to get me off my ass
And I laughed at all the jokers wanna make me walk on glass
I could walk ‘fore I could crawl
And I was meaner than a bad dog with his back against the wall
Meanstreak, AC/DC

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