05 October, 2008

  1. I don’t need anyone to take my side.  My life has been a long string of being alone with short periods of being together interspersed just often enough that I cannot be classified as a complete hermit.  I can take care of myself.  When I come on here to rant, which happens pretty seldomly, comparatively, I don’t need anyone to take sides.  I can only give my side of the story, and it is colored with my perceptions.  And I am usually pissed when I write it.  I am here to rant, not for sympathy or to make allegiances.
  2. I really don’t need anyone to go and harass any one else on my account, for any reason whatsoever.  I am not sure why anyone would do this, but I hope no one would ever do it in my name and think that that I’d appreciate it.  I don’t need anyone to take my word alone and act like it is the only version of the truth and give anyone else shit on my hearsay.
  3. And I really, really don’t fucking need anyone to try and commiserate with both sides of any conflict I write about.  I’m not talking about trying to get both sides (which is admirable), I’m talking about backstabbers.  Who the fuck tries to take both sides of an argument?  I understand that there are people who thrive on drama and stir up as much shit as they can, but I really didn’t think that people like that would be interested in reading my diary.  I hope they understand when I don’t invite them back.
  4. If anyone thought I was a shitheel, I am not gonna say that I am not (because I know me better than you) but why in the hell would someone hang around the diary of a person whom they thought was not a good person?  Don’t wait until it would hurt the most to call me a shitheel.  Say it when you figure it out and then go away.   Gods know I won’t try and stop you.


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