20 October, 2008

Answers to questions that bother him so

1.  What is my guilty pleasure?
I have to say that sitcoms are probably my guiltiest pleasure.  They offer me very little in the way of intellectual stimulation and I am certain that I could find more productive ways to spend my time.  But I like to laugh, and they have some really good sitcoms out right now.  My favorites are Big Bang Theory and How I met Your Mother.
I must say, though, even the dramas that I like have some humor in them, as any good drama will.  Both House and Bones make me crack up more often than not.
2.  If I could have anything in the world, what would it be?
If I could have anything in the world, it would be an underwater labaratory in the Carribean Sea.  I would only be able to reach it by personal submarine.  I could explore the ocean at my leisure and my computer screensavers would be landscapes instead of oceans.
3.  What is the one thing that terrifies me most?
I am terrified of being a bad person.  I am terrified of having done something so bad I could not be forgiven, and then no one would love me.  I am terrified of not being good enough or smart enough or of working hard enough.  I am terrified of failure.
4.  What is the wierdest thing I do with my food?
I still eat like I am on a mission.  I will consume a whole meal within about 8-10 minutes of sitting down.  I have slowed down, actually.  I am able to eat casually, and the few times I have gone to lunch with my coworkers I was able to eat slowly.  But if I am just consuming sustenance I am a machine.  Keep your fingers away.
5.  Who is my favorite superhero?
Batman.  No contest.  He turned himself into a superhero.  No radiation.  No interstellar ring or genesis.  Just an indomitable will.  Oh, and lots of resources.  But mostly the will.
In real life my brothers, Sean and Michael are my heros.  Both of them have more dedication and drive than  I have ever been able to muster.  I am a slacker in comparison, they work so hard at their dreams.  And yet they both also have loving healthy relationships.  When it comes down to it, I have nothing at all.  Except hope.


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