26 September, 2008

Week Six

Lloyd showed me how to build a mesh, but I had trouble getting upstream to work. 
Put ADSL cards where combo cards would go if we had combo cards that worked.  The combo cards code is still broken, and we don’t know when it will be fixed.
Pam is working mostly on the TA 3000, so I get to run with the TA5000 for a bit.
Continued working the PPPoE emulations; got them all to establish and ran traffic (minus ones and twos) acrosss all ports
TCL class with Thom from Agilent; very brief intro to TCL, and then API specific.  Hard for me to follow a lot of it, since I can’t really visuallize what the GUI would do with the CLI arguments.  I’ll have to have them both open while I test my scrips so I can see what is going on.
TCL class with Thom from Agilent.  Scripting is sort of a dirty way to code, it seems.  I kept wanting to get a good flowchart of my program before I started coding, and they all just started coding.  I am pretty sure it is because they have built so many with the GUI before that they don’t need to pre-plan what they would do; I know I would miss many steps if I didn’t pre-plan my attack.
Started working on a script that ties all the DHCP scripts together and establishes only the emulations and streams for which we have DHCP. 
Thom showed me that in order to get upstream to work, I had to edit the stream group properties and enable Stream IDS.
A lot of the ports are not binding / establishing now, for some reason.  Thom had said in class that sometimes the GUI gets bloated over time.  I will write my script to establish a new session each time or at least reset the old session.
Added Vlan and Ctag start and end data for PPPoE and DHCP to the spreadsheet to reference while writing the code so I wouldn’t have to keep doing math while I was trying to script.
Had trouble passing variables to other scripts when I called them.  I am trying to establish the session and configure all the N2X ports as well as constants (traffic packet length, number of clients per port, etc) in a parent script, and then call child scripts to configure just the card specific data (starting port, MAC address, et al) but cannot get the child script to read the variables I am trying to pass regarding client and server ports.  Talked at length with Mike and he taught me a bit about building namespaces and exporting procedures in TCL.  Did some research, learned about uplevel and upvar.
I think I need to rewrite the base scripts, though, to make them far more modular.  The start date has been pushed back til the end of October, so there is time.

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