17 September, 2008

Doesn't need a lot

Today I isolated the DNA from a strawberry and stored it in a small vial of ethanol.  I am pretty sure I couldn’t clone a strawberry to save my life, but actually extracting the DNA was amazingly simple.
Adtran offers something they call ‘Lunch and Learn’ twice a month.  They provide a box lunch and some interesting and useful information.  Often it is computer related; Microsoft Office power user stuff; I like tweaks, so I will go to pretty much all of them.    But today was about biotechnology, and they had a representative of a nearby firm come in and give us a presentation on genomology.
He gave a good talk about DNA and what was going on in the field relating to genetic modifications.  He talked about his organization, which is a place that brings scientists and industry together and tries to get their creativity working together. 
Huntsville isn’t known for pure research.  They want to make stuff with what they learn.  I concur.
I am not against gathering knowledge for the sake of knowledge, but applied research is more exciting.  I like to know what it is, but I am even more interested in what it does and how I can use it to make life better.
I have some issues with genetic manipulation, but I am not dead set against it.  Either way, I should understand it before I disagree with it.

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