14 August, 2008

It is quite embarrassing to me, as an American, to have the president saying things that advertise his total lack of self awareness and hypocrisy.  Even if his words did not apply so accurately to him it is a little pathetic to hear him try to take the moral high ground in any international dispute.
It is like Jim Baker railing against adultery or Dick Cheney touting gun safety.
He is, of course, speaking about the conflict in Georgia.  While I applaud the man’s desire to denounce the oppressive moves of a man like Putin, I still have to shake my head in disbelief at his choice of words.
Does he really not see how they apply to what he and his cronies have made our country?  Does he not see how we have been bullies?
It must take a lot of effort to remain that ignorant.
Ignorance and Arrogance and Power is a very dangerous combination.

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