06 August, 2008

I'll see you in the lists

Things I like:

Having two cats that play together almost constantly.

It is terribly cute to watch Angelina trying to coax Brenna into playing. She will sit there and attack Brenna’s tail, and Brenna will just look at me and roll her eyes. But then she gets up and they spend an hour chasing each other all over the apartment.

Having the National Geographic channel in Hi Def

I have always been a whore for documentaries, now I feel more like a high priced call girl.

Having a pool so close to my front door

I know I’ve listed it before, but it remains one of my favorite things. I am up to thirty laps freestyle, ten each of breast stroke and reverse fly before I have to take a break. I never realized how much I missed swimming.


I know, sounds weird, but I like it. I needed to start eating more leafy vegetables, and I like cabbage in my stir fry. But one night I just had the munchies, so I started making this pseudo-slaw out of cabbage, and it was quite good. Then I started adding tuna so I could increase my protein intake, and I have been eating the hell out of it:
  • 1 tbsp each mayo and Dijon 
  • salt
  • pepper
  • can of tuna (drained)
  • two cups of diced cabbage
  • a dash of vinegar
It is my new post workout salad.

Having a big balcony

All of my plants are just loving all the space and sunlight they get, and the cats like being out there, also. At first I was worried about the little one taking a giant leap (fearless), but she seems like she won’t do that now. I am gonna get a whole bunch more plants come fall when the nurseries have their closeout sales.

There are a few things I don’t like:

“sell by” dates

When I was a kid, the date told me when I needed to use the product by in order to guarantee freshness. Now the date tells the manager when they need to sell it. The labels should be there to help the consumer, not the store. I know there is a time period after the product had to be sold in which it can be used and still be considered fresh, but I cannot find a good list anywhere by which to decide. I don’t like to taste my food to find out if it has gone bad.

People who don’t put their carts in the stalls

OK, there are a few cases where I can be forgiving of this, but for the most part people are just being lazy. And they are not even ashamed of their laziness. Fuckers.

“Breaking news” when no one knows what the fuck is going on yet.

Why not just wait until you have a story to start reporting it rather than advertise your ignorance? For that matter, ever since news became expected to turn a profit, I have disliked it. Back in the day (it was a Wednesday, by the way) news was something that a station did in order to have the privilege of broadcasting. It was a public service. I think I might have to do a research project on when all that changed and see if I can correlate it to anything else.

But there are also some things I love:

SunshineLaughterHaving a purring cat sitting over my shoulder.

PS Milk and cookies to anyone who can reference the title without looking it up…hidden hit counter

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