02 August, 2008

CLI: Hunts Vegas

Well I have finally figured out how to use WINE enough that I have loaded some of my programs from XP onto my Linux drive. Not many, really; it is amazing how good the open source programs are. I find I don’t miss that many Windows based programs at all.
I haven’t found a Linux based typing tutor that I like as well as Mavis Beacon so I still use that. But virtually every program that I use on a daily basis, geek and otherwise, has one that is as good or even better that I can use for free. I can’t believe I spent so much money on my Windows programs.
Even with my student and military discounts over the years, I am sure I have spent well over $1000 dollars to keep me in software applications. Of course, Windows is a much more advanced platform for games than Linux, but I really don’t play that many games on the computer any more since I got the PS3. I got tired of playing strategy sims and they are the only genre in which the PC really shines. And since the PS3 can have a keyboard and mouse hooked up to it, there is no reason they can’t come out with awesome strategy sims for the PS3.
They have developed a new electronic memory pad that can be used to make roll-up keyboards for laptops or customizable ergonomic gamepads for consoles. The possibilities are really endless with a little velcro and ingenuity.
I sort of went into sham mode after I got comfortably settled, and am still trying to get things set up the way I like. I haven’t really been doing a whole lot with the apartment the last week or so. After I got the new kitten I spend most of my time being non-productive. But the last few days I have been getting back into it, so it should be orderly enough for me to feel comfortable sharing pictures soon. Messy bookcases are the bane of my existence. I did buy two extra bookcases, and that has come in handy.
I decided to put all my area rugs back in storage until the kitten learns where she can scratch or I get her declawed. She is a climber. I really have not had a kitten as rambunctious as she, ever. Very active.
None of my drapes fit the new windows, and I don’t have the cash right now to buy new ones, yet. All the windows here are set next to adjoining walls, so my hanging hardware doesn’t even fit in most places. All my windows at the last place were in the center of a wall, and so I could use ornate hardware. But Angelina would just climb them if I tried to hang anything right now, anyway. I changed her name to Angelina, because she has beautiful eyes and she is so very feisty.
I watched a great movie the other day that I had never heard of. TiVo saved it for me because it thought I might like it. It was right. Oh, TiVo, you know me so well. It was called Freeway with Keifer Sutherland and Reese Witherspoon. It was really a stellar performance by Reese. I highly recommend it, even if you don’t like her pieces.
If you are travelling with your personal electronics make sure they don’t have anything on them you wouldn’t want your mom to see. Department of Homeland Security just announced they have the authority to seize, confiscate, search, record, and distribute any of the information on any of your portable electronics without cause for any reason whatsoever in their fight against terror. Thanks, America, for being such pussies that you let this happen. Do you feel safer now that Big Brother is watching?

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