27 July, 2008

The halo effect

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing.      – Camille Pissaro
My roof is leaking and the rain’s drippin’ on my head
Drip drop a drippity drop
I said my roof is leaking and the rain’s drippin’ on my head
Drip drop a drippity drop
So if my woman don’t love me, I might as well be dead
       Army Cadence (at doubletime) 

Though the honeymoon is over with my new digs, I am still pretty happy with it.  I notice the little things that I always have trouble seeing when I first move in.  Stains on the carpet, holes in the screens, leaky refrigerator.  Little things.
Lessons for stress free existence:
  1. Don’t sweat the small shit.
  2. It is all small shit.
  3. When in doubt, see rule # 1.
I still really like living on the second floor.  It is so quiet here, also.  The amount of space is wonderful.  The kitchen rocks.  My bedroom is too big, but it seems odd even counting that as a bad thing.  It is just space I would rather have somewhere else.  People have too much stuff in their bedrooms, I think.  I don’t need that much space.
I made the best beef stroganoff ever this evening.  I used a marsala wine instead of regular red, and I liked the extra kick it gave.  I think next time I will braise the beef tips in smaller batches instead of all at once; I might dredge them first in flour so they get a nice crust and then it will also thicken the sauce instead of adding flour.  I am in love with mushrooms.
I really like having a swimming pool so close.  The other one is too small anyway, which I found out when they had this one closed to get it ready for the pool party they had this weekend.  I walked all the way to the other one only to find out it is made for splashing and not for swimming.  The YMCA is not far from where I will work, and they have an olympic sized pool.  I might get a membership so I can keep swimming over the winter.
I didn’t go to the party.  It might have been a good opportunity to meet a bunch of new people, but that is just too many new people all at once.  I can handle people in small groups, but large groups stress me out.
They are reroofing all of the buildings.  I hope they don’t get to mine until after I start work, but I am betting they will get to it next week.  I don’t sleep late, anyway, but it is nice to have the option.
In Bruges is a wonderful movie.  I love Focus Films.  They are almost always original and well seasoned with brilliant dialogue.
Ping pong balls are some of the cheapest cat toys ever.  My kitten is fiercer than a mountain lion and cuddlier than a koala bear.  She also loves ping pong balls.
It’s the small things that make or break us, it seems.

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