14 July, 2008

Oh yeah. My last major outlay of funds for the move. I figure the convenience of having my own washer and dryer plus the savings from not having to use the coin-op (plus the fact there is no coin-op in sight) was worth the money. I did want to upgrade to an LCD TV, but that can wait. Besides, for every month I don’t buy a new TV the price goes down. And I need clean clothes now.
I almost bought a set of the Neptunes from Maytag because they were pre-leased(and therefore a bit cheaper), but I did some quick research and people have had a lot of trouble with them.  So I bought a set like this instead:
How sexy is that?  I suppose it is not very manly to get excited about washers and dryers (you should see me in an antique shop), but I am pleased with the purchase.  These get very high ratings across the board.  Plus it is a front loader, and I am sick of getting little holes in my t-shirts from the standard washers.I haven’t owned a washer and dryer for 12 years.  Yay!  I am excited to be able to hang my clothes up while they are still hot from the drier.  Ooh!  And warm towels.  >melt<

I really feel like I should be wearing a salmon colored shirt at this point.  But I like to get excited over stuff that makes my life better.  Laundry is just one of those things I have to do, so there is nothing effeminate about getting excited about it, right?  It is a machine, after all.  Machines are manly…  But the fact I recognize that salmon is more than just a fish might be questionable.
I am actually using a ninety days same as cash deal from Aarons Rents.  It is surprisingly not much more expensive (about $125) than buying it directly from Sears, and I get free delivery and hook-up and maintenance within the ninety days.  Since I would spend almost that much in laundry fees and drive time and stuff until I saved up the cash to pay in full, I justified the use of semi-credit.  I always thought ninety days same as cash was a lot more expensive.  I think I will look into it for when I upgrade my TV.
They deliver it tonight after 4.  I need to clean out the utility room.  But right now I think I’ll go for a swim.
Life is good.

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