18 July, 2008

My cat, Brenna, loved moving packing to no end.  Having the house filled with boxes to explore was really the cats meow, so to speak.  But she didn’t meow very much.  She was sneaky.  There really should be the theme from Jaws playing as you look at this. 
(which reminds me; I want to design a digital camera that allows me to embed a short voice note into the picture I just took)
She had to look out to see what I was laughing about.  There was only so much paper rustling and purring that I could stand before full throated laughter ensued.  It disturbed the zen like qualtiy of her hunt, I guess.  Difficult to stalk the wiley shadow when some oaf is guffawing in the background.
I went to KC to visit my brother and his family over the Fourth of July weekend.  I had a really good time playing with my nieces and seeing one of the best fireworks displays ever.  We also barbecued, went swimming, played games, saw a watermelon blow up in Mike’s firehouse, and ate tasty vittles.  Shannon gave me one of the best recipes for chicken enchiladas.  It was my initiating meal here.
Here (clockwise from left) Shannon (SIL) Abigail, Allyson and I play Sorry!  You can’t see me, of course, but you can see how all my pieces are already safe.  I pωn children’s board games, and I am not ashamed to admit it.
This is the skyline of the city that I miss sometimes, but not so much I would want to do my youth over again.   Kansas City is a very beautiful city, though.  More fountains than any other city besides Rome.  I didn’t get a chance to go to the Plaza for pictures.  Maybe I will visit over Christmas and get some photos of the lights.
Below is a shot from the amusement park I went to as a child, "Worlds of Fun."  It is a blast.  My little brother and I went last time we were both in KC.  Here you can see one of the ginormous hills of (what I believe is) the Orient Express as well as the Detonator in the background.  I didn’t go this trip, but we passed this on the way to Mike’s station. 
I tried to get photos of the watermelon covered office after the explosion, but they didn’t come out well.  Boy was the other Captain pissed, though.  Bit of drama in the KCFD, I guess.  My brothers crew thought it was pretty damn funny.  So did we.
Yet another picture of my cat and her neverending love of bags and boxes.  Most cats come running when they hear a can opener or a bag of treats being shaken.  Brenna, if I want her to come running, all I have to do is open the zipper on my duffel or bookbag.  Quite a multitasking cat toy.
Besides a bag lover and burrower, Brenna spends a lot of time on her haunches, like a groundhog.  Here you can see the little bow tie and cummerbund that makes her look so dignified.  Here she was trying to help me hold the measuring tape as I decided where to put my new bookcases.
She was not sure what to make of all the noises coming out of the utility room where her litter box used to be, so I put a chair there so she could see the clothes being washed.
That should be enough for now.  I finally found my cable, so I can upload some of the pictures I have been taking.  Maybe next time I’ll tell you about this little fellow:

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