11 July, 2008

Hmm...wetter than I expected

HAHA!  What a wonderful storm we just had!  
Thunder and lightning galore.  Just like home.
I love a good storm.  But I would still not want to see this outside my window:

Fuck. That.  I have seen enough tornadoes to last two lifetimes and an abortion.
I am a little bit pissed off today, but I will use the energy to get organized.  If I milk it I will have all my clothes put away by tomorrow.
Tomorrow I have my first drum circle in like five years.  I hope I can remember some rhythms.  I’ll remember soon enough.  Gods how I have missed it.
Most of my jasmine plants got infected with aphid farming ants.  Little fuckers.  I guess it happened when I had them sitting out in the open to get acclimated to heat.  I lost half my plants because I didn’t feel like picking off all the eggs.  The remaining stems I trimmed and wired together so that the trunks would merge.  In a year or so I should have a jasmine bonsai with a trunk about an inch in diameter.  Not normally an impressive girth, but pretty good for a two year old bonsai.
Did not swim this morning, and cannot right now.  Will do it tonight.  I have two pools from which to choose.  

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