14 July, 2008

For want of a nail

I have probably spent more on tires for this car than it is worth. Where I lived in Independence, some punks went on a spree of spiking peoples tires and I lost three tires in four months. Plus when I replaced the first one I went ahead and bought a whole new set because I figured it could use new tires. So that is six tires.
Today I went to take some boxes to the compactor and I saw that I have a flat. I hope it is just a tread puncture and not malice.  The punks in Independence were evil enough to spike the sidewall, where it cannot be repaired. I guess I’ll walk my happy ass up to the nearest gas station and grab a can of fix a flat and see if Pan likes me today. I wish I would have seen this when I went out for a run this morning. I could have made a detour and bought a can then.
Oh, well, at least I wasn’t on someone else’s schedule. I have time to react.
I need to register my car down here. I am gonna see if I can’t milk one more year out of it. [Plus it will help me establish residency.] If I can wait a few more months to buy another car I can pay cash. I’d have to finance right now, and I don’t really want to do that. I am looking at a better class of cars now that I will be gainfully employed and not just a starving college student.
Anyway. Gotta take that first step if I want to sit down after the last. Later.

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