12 July, 2008

Diver down

Well, the clothes are put away. Somewhat. I didn’t say anything about neatly. But some of the things I learned in discrete math last semester actually validate my methods of organizing. Instead of doing one thing, doing it well, and then moving on (a depth first approach) I tend to do things in shotgun blasts, breadth first (and really, its the width that counts, right?).
Instead of unpacking and refolding and putting away one box at a time, I unpack all the boxes at once and then put everything away at once and then refold it. But until I get to refolding it, it is put away and out of sight and out of the box.
I guess I just have an interlaced personality when it comes right down to it.
And if you understood what that meant, welcome to the geek squad.
I finally hit the swimming pool. Holy hell it was nice. I went at 7 pm and the water was absolutely perfect. Lord it has been many blue moons since I swam for exercise. I have lost a lot of endurance (I’m just old) over the years. I’d still pit myself against anyone in their late 20s, but I am glad I am not going up against those young punks straight out of boot camp any more.
This crusty old staff sergeant is just a little too crusty.
I have continued to meet my neighbors, something my little brother admonished me regularly to do while he was here. I think he knows that I am still a little shy. I have worked very hard to become gregarious, but inside sometimes I am still that shy little boy who didn’t feel worthy of love or friendship. All the affirmations in the world only go so far, you know?
I met Amp, my downstairs neighbor who has a daughter. I met Shirley, my other downstairs neighbor, who has a son. Shirley told me where the best grocery stores were and how to find the Gazebo.
Oh, yea! They have free concerts in the park every Monday in the old town square. Tomorrow is Jazz! They don’t call me jazzy jeff for nothing. Well, they really don’t call me jazzy jeff for anything, but that is beside the point. The point is I will be hearing some live Jazz this time tomorrow night.
Perhaps pictures will be in order, if it is not too dark.
The drum circle today was a bust. I went to the park, no one was there. I left. I sent a message to the group, but haven’t checked my groups.google.com space yet to see if I have received an explanation. I almost didn’t want to go, either, because I was feeling all reclusive, and I made myself go. I would call them fuckers but they are drummers, so I forgive them.
There are so many documentaries to watch! I have Discovery Science and Investigation Discover and History International and the NASA channel, et cetera. And the Encore and Starz packs that came with digital cable plays some decent movies. I might just do away with blockbuster for a while (go to one movie at a time, perhaps).
Tonight I will begin the bookcases. I have a lot of books. I need more bookcases now that I have more room for them.
I will get another kitten soon, if nothing changes. I feel sorry for Brenna not being able to go outside and play, and I don’t feel like I can give her enough attention. Maybe I can find one at the pound that is already fixed and declawed. One can hope.

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