12 June, 2008

You didn't invite me, so I crashed

I rule. Not only was I able to get everything configured on my new Linux (old) laptop, I also got a lot of packing done while it was working.

I had a hell of a time getting my wireless card to configure, because Broadcomm never released their drivers; I had to download source files and learn how to deal with tar balls [which sound really messy and at least slightly uncomfortable] but it wasn’t so bad.
A lot of the work I did last semester had to be compiled on Linux servers, so much of the terminology was already familiar. And of course after I learned how to do all that I happened upon a way that was much easier. And of course it was very lucky that I did that because shortly after I discovered that I was tinkering around under the hood and I broke something.
I have a tendency to do that.
But I made quick work of reloading everything and getting everything reconfigured and now I even have my wireless network secured with WPA-PSK; I was just using an access list to secure my wireless before I broke it because I couldn’t get the WPA to configure, but now I have both. Ha!
Operating systems tremble at the sight of me.

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