14 June, 2008

To all those who wore a condom, Happy Safe Sex Day!

I tried to do an install of Linux inside of XP on my desktop; they give that option on the install package I downloaded. It is halfway between running off a live CD and doing a full install. It creates a virtual machine in which Linux operates on the Windows partition so there is no need to repartition the hard drive.
I use two hard drives; one HD is just for all of my documents and files and the other is for the operating system and installed programs. On the laptop I just wiped the whole HD clean and did a full install of Linux. I tried to do a dual boot of Linux and Windows, but it didn’t seem to work the way I had researched. The GRUB loader was not coming up when I rebooted and it always just went to XP.
But the install within Windows didn’t work, either. It got about 85% done and then complained it couldn’t access the CD; it warned something else might be accessing it. I thought maybe my Nero suite was interfering with it because of the way it indexes the CD-ROM drives so I uninstalled it. But that didn’t work, either.
I was about to give up, when I found another ISO of the AMD64 version of Hardy Heron. I went ahead and downloaded that one just to see; I have a 64 bit system even though I run 32 bit windows. I don’t edit video any more and I wasn’t seeing a performance improvement worth the configuration problems I was having with some programs.
Well, finally, I got the GRUB loader to work after I did a manual configuration instead of letting it work its magic. Unfortunately I cannot get this wireless card to configure for to save my life. I have tried everything I can think of. So, since I will not be using the wireless card in Alabama, anyway, I just decided to move the desktop into the kitchen where a LAN cable will reach.
Of course, now the fact that my ethernet adapter doesn’t seem to reboot properly becomes a problem. If I do a full scale powerdown, it is not an issue but, if I just restart it, it doesn’t register on the system. It was never an issue when I was using only the wireless, but now I think I need to hope they have a BIOS update I can flash to my ROM; this could get annoying. Luckily, Linux is way more stable than XP, so reboots are minimal.
Now I can break down my desk in the office and just fill it up with boxes. I have the kitchen completely packed and everything else about 80% where I want it to be.
I have been practicing my scales on the guitar; I learned five chords already, but my strumming technique needs work. I have trouble switching chords without missing a beat. Hopefully running up and down the scales will increase my dexterity.

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