10 June, 2008

T minus 26

I haven’t been to the gym for a few days; after I got up to about four miles a day my feet and knees stared hurting so I slacked off a bit. I think I’ll cut back to 16 miles a week. I don’t have any troops to inspire. 
The Bourne Conspiracy was quite enjoyable, but it was pretty fast. I am glad I rented it instead of buying it. It only took me four days to beat it. On trainee level, of course, but I never see the point in going after the high levels on a rental, I am more interested in the story and the game play. It was definitely worth the 8 bucks to rent it. 
I have the kitchen almost all packed up except a few appliances and my bakers rack. I’ll get to that tonight. My bedroom is emptied out except for some shorts and t-shirts and socks and underwear in my dresser plus my workout gear. 
I’ve had my plants outside for about a week now; the ficus shed damn near all its leaves, but it has new growth, so I am not too worried. All the rest seem to enjoy the sunshine. 
I watched Jumper the other day; it was one of the last movies I’ll get on my movie pass. It expires tomorrow, and I will let it lapse. I’ll focus on the move. Well, I still have my online account. 
I have been studying networking through AdTrans online university. Hopefully it will give me an edge when I report for work. It is pretty interesting. I am looking to split my home network into two segments when I get to Alabama since I will have cable in the office and can have the modem there. 
I will use the vonage router as a wireless access point / switch in the living room and get a new router to use as my primary gateway. I am not impressed with the capabilities of the Motorola router that Vonage sold me. Before I didn’t know how to best set it up, but now I know all about subnets and VLANs and can tweak all sorts of things. 
I am gonna play Tiberium wars again. I am bored with AoE and Rome isn’t very fun.   
EDIT: Jumper wasn’t worth the cost of pressing the disc. An excellent concept, but poorly executed. Shame.

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