06 June, 2008

Oh my aching thumbs

The Bourne Conspiracy has the best melee combat in any game I have ever played. Condemned: Bloodshot was pretty impressive but Bourne is just flat out fun. I laugh at the variety of take-downs my character has.
If you have ever seen the trilogy of Bourne movies, know that the game stayed true to the fighting style that Matt Damon portrayed so well (and who knew good Will would be such a great action star?)
The platforming (wall climbing and general movement of the character) of Prince of Persia is still my favorite (even though Assassin’s Creed was beautiful, it was too easy) and Resistance is still my favorite shooter. Up until now Devil May Cry was my favorite melee, but Bourne rules.
I have been a serious slacker the last couple of days; I haven’t made a damn thing but a few phone calls and coffee and haven’t done much besides the dishes and play this game.
But I made sure my cat has been fed and I am getting my money’s worth from this game.

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