11 June, 2008

March of the Penguin

I finally got fed up with my laptop. I wish I had just sunk some money into it and bought a new one but I thought I could make do with one a few years old if I ran XP. 
I don’t know if the laptop sucks or if I am just spoiled by my desktop, but it seems like it runs slower than a horny girl evading her boyfriend. So, I went back to a plan I had a few years back before my last laptop took the piss and I wiped it clean of all that was Microsoft and am now going to run Linux on it. 
I figure I could add it to the list of things I am teaching myself this summer. 
Autodidactism rocks. 
I am glad I am feeling motivated to learn stuff because, I am ashamed to say it, I just can’t seem to get into any games right now. I thought I would spend this month vegging on the couch watching movies and increasing my skills at managing massive empires and battling bad guys. Instead I am studying as hard as I was for midterms. 
But it is fun. I am addicted to epiphanies. I love the moment when I grasp a new concept. Shudders of multiple nerdgasms course through my body. 
And that is when I know I am alive and am still grateful for it. 
Sometimes I go through stretches when I am just phoning it in; I do what I need to do so that I can do what I want to do. Right now it is mostly doing what I need to do, and I lose sight of just how lucky I am to still be here to do what needs to be done. I forget to be happy I am alive. 
I remembered.  
PS: Lions for Lambs is a friggin brilliant movie. I like Redford better now than I ever did before. His best work has been since he got behind the camera. See the Last Castle, also, if you never.

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