29 June, 2008

Here, Kitty Kitty

My cat is weird. I know they say that pets take on the personality of their owner, but I think she is far stranger than I am. I love her a lot, and when she is mellow she can be very sweet. But she is not mellow very often.
(Ignore the dates, I didn’t set them before I started snapping photos.  This was taken in May 08)
She is fascinated by water. If there is ever any standing water she is honor bound to splash in it. Even better if she can knock it over completely.
She loves being out in the rain; she will come home soaked and delirious with excitement from playing in all that water.
She will jump in the shower sometimes, but gets mad at me because I like it hotter than rain.  She scared the hell out of me the first time she did that, since I had never had a cat like her.  I was washing my hair and all of a sudden I felt something rubbing against my leg.
No matter what she says, I did NOT scream like a girl.
This was taken shortly before she dumped ice water all over her and the floor.
It was high adventure.
She likes me to be there when she eats; preferably petting her.  I think she was taken from her mother too soon, and so she wants that nurturing.  Sometimes I fear that she won’t eat unless I am around.   When I walk towards her food, she gets very excited and runs to her bowl, assuming that I have signalled that it is feeding time. 
I have weaned her a bit from this.  But she still expects me, if I am near her while she eats, to pet her.  
She is a burrower of the highest order.  She likes nothing more than to have a box or a bag in which she can secret herself from which she can attack the unsuspecting human that walks by. 
I always know she is in a playful mood when I see a purring book bag in the living room.

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