23 June, 2008

Don't make me put my teeth in!

I have too much crap for as small of a living space I occupy. I also have a lot of things that I just don’t use right now. Normally, I would just throw the stuff away, but the things that I am not using are things that I might need in the future. Power tools, military gear, etc.
I know that as soon as I give all my old uniforms to the salvation army then they would decide I need to come back on active duty. SO I save it. Plus, I might want to wear my dress blues again sometime.
So I rent a small storage unit to keep all my non-essential stuff. It keeps my apartment from being cluttered and lets the Energy flow freely. Clutter is bad for my soul.
I have noticed that I get on this downward spiral sometimes in which I get depressed, for one reason or another, and because of that I am not as fastidious. And then, inevitably, my apartment gets messy which makes me unhappy. And because I am unhappy, I don’t feel like cleaning as much. Et cetera, et cetera. At times like that I tell myself I don't need antidepressants, I just need to clean my apartment. The mood improvement benefit is fantastic.
So anyway i rented this space in Rolla when I got here, and I moved out of it last month in preparation for getting out of the city. I have cleared out of more locations than your average bear and I know how to clean it to get my deposit back. And a storage unit is pretty easy. Just empty and sweep. Imagine my surprise when they said I didn’t get my deposit back.
Turns out they left it vacant for like 9 days and when they [said they] checked they [said they] found it full of trash. Bullshitida, not my trash, I said.
I had to call a bunch of people, and they were stupid if they thought I wouldn’t raise a ruckus over twenty bucks. I’ll pay any fine if I am wrong, but they ain’t taking a dime of mine if I am right.
I had tried to get them to come check me out when I vacated the place. it said so right in my termination letter. They told me to just leave it unlocked and they would check it later. So I know one of two things happened, neither of which was me leaving a bunch of crap in my unit.
Either they checked the wrong unit [one time they called me to tell me my they did a security check and found my lock had been cut, and to this day I think they cut it but they cut the wrong one. Nothing was stolen] or someone else used it as a dump in the time between me vacating and them checking it (probably someone in a nearby unit that was also vacating). But how could they call me responsible for what happened to their unit after I vacated?
I explained this (somewhat patiently) to a series of people over the last few days. I finally got them to admit they were delinquent in their responsibility to check the unit in a timely manner and so they would refund my deposit.
I am well on my way to being a cantankerous old man.
Get off my lawn you damn kids!
AND I just got word the real estate company has agreed to waive the fee for steam cleaning because of all my efforts when their pipes burst. HA! I made like $250 in the last few days just by writing some sternly worded letters and making some assertive phone calls. WOOT!

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