28 June, 2008

Aerosmith GH

Holy crap the Aerosmith Guitar Hero is incredibly fun to play. Most of the songs I have played so far were by the original artists. Even the cover songs (very few, it seems) are well done. It is the best sounding GH I have ever played so far.
The game follows the same format as a career in the other games, except you are Aerosmith. It follows the band from their first gig at a high school (how would you like to be able to look back to a high school dance and say that you saw Aerosmith’s opening gig?) all the way through the rest of their career with live interview clips interspersed.
All of the Aerosmith songs are original. The opening acts (Joan Jett, the Clash, the Kinks, etc) give a variety for those who are not Aerosmith fanatics. I’m glad because, though I love Aerosmith, if it were only Aerosmith songs then it should just have been a download add-on instead of a new game. Instead of boss battles, in this one you have to beat the opening acts in order to bring out Aerosmith.
I’m having a blast.
This concept has a lot of potential. I hear they are talking about doing the same for other wildly popular bands like Metallica.
Woot! I hope I remember to finish packing.

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