27 May, 2008

The woods would be very quiet...

…if no bird sang save the very best. 
A while ago I got up the nerve to enter some of my writings into a competition at the University. One of my goals had always been to be published before I was forty, and the winners of this competition would be published. Even though it would just be a University publishing I know that many doctoral candidates get published the same way. 
So, I entered three of my best essays. Two were research and one was personal. After a few weeks I was notified that one or more of them had placed. 
I admit I am arrogant. I have seen the writing of many of my peers at this school and I don’t think they are in my league when it comes to writing a good essay. Most of them are smarter than me, it is true, but they can’t form a sentence to save their lives. 
Pride cometh before a fall. I convinced myself that all of my entries had placed and at least one of them had come in first. I was wrong. 
I only placed with one of my entries, and that one only placed third. I look forward to reading the book when it comes out, to gage myself against the other entries that beat me. I think I will swing by the English department before I take off and see if I can’t get some feedback. 
It kind of hurt my feelings, but I know it is just my pride that stings. It was the first time I even got the nerve to enter, I should be happy just placing. 
If you want to give me some constructive criticism, you can see the essay here. Be brutal; I might need to be taken down a notch or two. 
In other news I spoke at length with my little brother who is currently studying for the DAT. He volunteered to come to Alabama with me and help me move. I love my brother. 

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