20 May, 2008

Sweet Home Tea, Alabama :EDIT

I am so glad I didn’t just go to Subway for dinner.
I ate there for lunch, on the way down to Huntsville and it was ok, but dinner was AWESOME. I ate at the hotel and it was so good it made me even sorrier I didn’t have anyone down here with whom to share it. I had a spinach artichoke dip for an appetizer and then a herbed chicken pasta for an entree.
I talked to a german guy from California who was here beta testing new lcd decoding chips for LG during dinner. Alabama sweet tea was just as full of syrupy goodness as I remember. I charged it to my room. I could get used to this whole corporate account thing.
When I was in the army we had like twenty whole dollars per day to eat when we were on the road (funeral details or TDY or some such). And we couldn’t tip unless we paid cash. Civilian life is so much better.
The day got off to a rocky start; I overslept and didn’t get out of town until 9. I had intended to leave out at 6 and get down here by 2. The person I was supposed to meet up with in St. Louis stood me up (or I didn’t wait long enough, depending on the story to which you listen) so I drove down here by myself.
My timing was all off. I hit St. Louis during lunch rush and hit Nashville during rush hour. That sucked. I hate traffic. It shows how thoughtless and rude most people are. But there are still some good people out there.
Other than that it was a nice drive. I rented a dodge caliber for the trip; no cruise control (I didn’t know they even made cars without cruise. How last century). But the sound system was good. I hooked up my Zen Stone to it and sang mock karaoke all the way. In a car is the only place I feel comfortable singing at the top of my voice.
Ha, stewie couldn’t get the plastic bag over his head. That’s just good TV. (I am multitasking)
I brought some movies down to watch at night, but my laptop doesn’t have the right decoder. No biggie, I got here late, and I need to get an early start. I found a townhouse for only $637 a month that is pretty close to the campus as well as AdTran. It is the first place I am looking tomorrow. I have a few others to check out.
I am gonna love being in a city again!
Well, the townhouse location was prime but the rent had gone up to 700 and they don’t even have a unit available. There is one that might come available, but I am not real keen on the idea of hanging my hopes on a ‘might be’.
There are no other two bedroom townhouses in my price range.
I found some two bedroom apartments that were upstairs which is my second choice. One place is really close to campus and has a lot of trees and so feels nice and secluded. The buildings are not all crammed together; there is a lot of grassy areas for Brenna to romp in. The rooms are spacious. I think it is the one we will take, but I am gonna shop around some more. The rent is only $525 a month, so pretty cheap. $200 more than I am paying right now, but still quite reasonable for this location.
So, not my first choice, but rent and location make it a very doable second choice.

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