25 May, 2008

Planet Earth, et al

I am watching Planet Earth right now, the BBC documentary. It is really the first Blu-ray film that has impressed me. Maybe it is just because it gets the hippy in me all excited about how awesome our planet is. Why didn’t I go into a natural science field? Nature is so cool. But I think it is easier to study natural science as a hobby than computer engineering; it is not like I have to NOT keep learning about this place.
I love documentaries. The History Channel and Discovery Channel are my favorite stations. I suppose it is rather lazy to do most of my learning through the television, but a good documentary is just a work of art. And sometimes I don’t even know I am interested in something until I see a good production of it. And BBC documentaries are the best; all narrators should have a British accent.
I am reading a biography of Gertrude Bell right now. She was a compatriot of Lawrence of Arabia. Quite astounding when you consider the normal role of women in the Victorian era. I think I will e-mail my old women's studies instructor and see if she has ever read the book. it is a great treatise on the state of gender roles one hundred years ago. Gertrude Bell also did one of the best translations of the poet Hafiz. I am not sure if he was a Sufi poet, or not. A lot of his writing seems to be along that line. I think I shall find a copy of her book when I get to Huntsville. Regardless, his words are beautiful.
The author of the biography is a master of metaphor. This was enjoyable for about the first hundred pages, but now it gets tiresome. Like when Steve Perry of Journey started showing off his vocal range in every song. We get it. After a while it is just a boor. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
I am cleaning out my storage shed today also. I figured I would go ahead and live cramped for a month and save myself 30 bucks of storage fees. I am thinking of going ahead and packing up my office and just using the laptop. Then I could use the office to start putting all the boxes as I pack up. I am running out of places to put them right now.
Brenna loves all the boxes, though. Quite the forest to explore for her. I am going to feel bad when we get to Huntsville and she doesn’t get to go outside anymore. Hope she forgives me.

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