12 May, 2008

4 down, 3 to go

I have only three more finals to take. I have already taken two, and in two classes my grade was high enough that I don’t even need to take the final. Those were my two Computer Science Classes, Discrete Math for Computing and Data Structures. I loved them. I am thinking when I get down to Alabama of changing my major to CompE/CompSci instead of CompE/EE. I love programming, I just want to do more than write code my whole life.
Til I get bored with this career and go off to be a hermit or something.
So I have taken two finals and today I have my Diff Eq final. Tomorrow I have my Circuit Analysis final and then Friday I have my Design of Digital Computers final. I could have taken that one last Friday, but I opted to have the extra week to study. It is by far my toughest class, and only the second upper level class I have taken. I have had one other 300 level class, but that was Philosophy, and I pwn philosophy. I make it my bitch, and it likes it. It asks for more.
Yeah, I have been up all night studying. I tried to get some sleep but I kept seeing equations behind my eyes so I gave up and watched some TiVo. Stewart and Colbert both had good interviews last night. Sometimes I think Jon is going downhill as far as how funny it is, but his interviews are getting better and better. Very pointed, very intelligent. For the most part.
I have saved up $1600 for my move, and I am trying to get my deposit back from the movers now. That will add another $600 to the pot. One of my friends is going to help me move if I help him move, so I don’t need to hire anyone. That is uber cool of him, I thought. His move is in town, and he is gonna go cross country with me. I am gonna miss this place. I finally have friends and now I am leaving. I try not to think about it, because I will likely start whining.

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