02 April, 2008

Four Fundamentals of Marksmanship

I try hard not to get pissed at stuff; not so much because nothing ever pisses me off but because it rarely does any good to get flustered about shit. That is why it is easier to score expert on the range but a little more difficult when the fucker starts shooting back. It doesn’t help to get mad and start spraying bullets. It only increases collateral damage.
So I don’t like to get pissed, because I’d feel guilty at the inevitable collateral damage. I’m not so Zen I have never snapped at someone when they didn’t deserve it simply because I was pissed about something else; I make mistakes. I consider it a huge mistake to take out my frustrations on someone that doesn’t deserve it, because there is no justice in it. I am just being a bully.
So, though I have done it, I try to at least be self aware enough and humble enough to be able to go back and apologize when I realize I have been an ass to someone for no reason other than they were in the way. The more I do that, the less likely I am to fly off the handle at someone for nothing, because I hate humbling myself like that.
I am not against humility, but I don’t like having to apologize for something I knew better than to do in the first place. Too much effort; it would be easier just to never be an ass.
The last thing you do before you squeeze the trigger is stop breathing; preferably at the natural pause in respiration, but you don’t always have that extra microsecond to wait. The pause in breathing increases the steadiness of your aim, maybe not by much, but maybe enough to make it count.
I have found that if I do the same thing before I say something, consciously take a second to pause, I am less likely to cause collateral damage with my words.

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