11 February, 2004

I think Jesus lacked faith: Pt 1

Consider this:
I put a gun to my head; I challenge God to make the bullet not fire if He wishes me to live. I pull the trigger.
Who would argue that I was a dumbass?
But that is what Jesus did in the garden of Gethsemane, wasn’t it?
See, he was kind of full of himself, there, I think. He was a bit to caught up in the whole “I am the son of God” thing. He should have bounced forward a few millennia and read the book. We are all children of God. It says so right in the bible. Don’t people read the fine print?
Move this cup, my ass.
My concept of deity would answer, “Move the cup yourself, you slacker!”
I have been told that the actual sacrifice of Jesus was necessary to atone for the sins of mankind. Bullshit.
First of all, I will atone for my own sins. Fuck that original sin, concept. Yeah, I have free will, but I am fucked from the get go; kiss my ass. I don’t play when the deck is stacked. I have enough of my own sins without having to concern myself that I was born cause my parents had gasp sex.
Second of all, think about the Centurion. The one Jesus admonished his disciples for having more faith than them. Remember?
As the story goes, a Roman Centurion came to Jesus to ask his help in curing a man of his (the Centurion’s). Jesus, being the all around nice guy that he was, said to the Centurion (even though the dude was a Roman and so ‘the enemy’) that he would graciously come and heal the sick. The Centurion replied that there was no need to be physically present, because he had faith that a mere Word would do the trick. Jesus said, “By your faith, he is healed.” (He then scolded his disciples)
Wow. Think of the implications, for a second.
Jesus didn’t say that he had healed him.
No, really. Think about it.

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