29 January, 2004

What interests me?

What Interests Me?
  • Animals, seems like they have more personality than a lot of people, with no facades.
  • Blues, taking pain or hardship and turning it into Art.
  • Computers, they’re patterned after our brains, after all, too bad so many peoples file systems are corrupted.
  • Drama, life is the great Drama, and Thespians bring the great Authors to life. Not bullshit drama
  • Epistemology, just another word for philosophy, except epistemology also gets into the practical applications of thought systems.
  • Freedom,  give me Liberty, or give me Death.
  • Great Work, Magnum Opus; to live Life to the fullest; to Love well, to Dance often, to Drum, to Die in Peace, even if not peacefully.
  • History, repeating it sucks, so I learn from it; few listen, and the UN don’t call to ask my opinion.
  • Ideology, trying to figure out what in the hell people are thinking when they do the things they do.
  • Justice, the Universe ain’t fair, but it is Balanced.  Justice is what We do to make it as fair as possible.
  • Kilt wearing ancestors, my Greats-grandfather Ona might well be the one who told Patrick the legends of the Celts, thereby causing them to be recorded for posterity.  How cool is that?
  • Love, when shone through the prism of Love, all Energy vibrates at a higher frequency.  Increase the Spiral!
  • Magick, merely science that hasn’t been explained.  I aim to explain it.  It is simple, really…
  • Niceness, mean people suck; and most of them don’t even mean to be mean; they are just ignorant or negligent of how they affect others.
  • Outer space, where else am I gonna migrate when the numbnuts blow this place up or make it otherwise uninhabitable?
  • Physics, learn the rules if you want to win the Game.
  • Quiet, of all the sounds, I like that one the best.
  • Resource conservation, use less stuff; Energy is limitless, but when viewed through the Time continuum, it is Finite.
  • Syrnx, enjoyment of the Arts is the worship of Syrnx.
  • Time, the Great Foe; it is so funny that we gave it the shackles to bind us…
  • Universal theorem, the One Truth, expressed mathematically.  Music is mathematical, so I will Drum it, when I find it.  Stand back.
  • Violence, half of our basic instinct; better to know how to do it well when the need arises; funny how the need arises less, then.  But when brute force becomes the standard for morality, again, then shall we see what happens when intelligent force is put into play.  Who is John Galt?
  • Water, may you never thirst.
  • eXotic dancers, OK, so I cheated, but I love the sensual Dance of a woman who does it for love of the Dance.
  • Yoni, ah, the delicate petals of a woman's sexuality.  How nice that there is a yin to the phallus’s yang.  Just think, we could be asexual.
  • Zen Buddhism, to increase the Peace until the waiting is full.
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