27 January, 2004

Borrowed foolishness

I like foolishness, it helps us see ourselves through new eyes, sometimes. Scary to think about, depending on what you generally find yourself doing. Snapshot of the soul; does anyone else hear the tell tale pounding of my heart? I like to think, If I were Dorian Grey, my snapshot would still look pretty decent.
  1. Name Four Bad Habits You Have: acting too hastily, thinking too slow, loving too fast, leaving too often
  2. Name Four Things That You Wish You Had: Time, the answers to Teslas problem, spaceship, planet to colonize
  3. Name Four People That Know You the Best:
    Mike, Andrea, Calvin, Katja
  4. Name Four Things You’d Never Wear:
    ball gag, crotchless panties (velcro fly is ok), medal i didn’t earn, frown, if I could help it; the sad frown, not the puzzled frown
  5. Name Four Things You Are Thinking About Now:
    sleep, coffee, sex, Fire in all its forms
  6. Name Four Things That You Have Done Today:
    Quality time with dogs and cats, quality time with my Chosen, Quality time researching and writing, and a good night of s’mores and conversation.
  7. Name Four People You Would Like To Spend More Time With:
    Calvin, Katja, Wendi, Kids
  8. Name Five Bands/Groups Most People Don’t Know You Like:
    um, I am pretty open with my music, but some bands that show how liberal my base is are:
    millie vanilli, jewel, New Kids on the Block, Clon (korean techno), George Strait
  9. 5 Things you are wearing:
    wool socks, wool robe, belt, and slippers
  10. 5 things you are doing right now:
    contemplating, breathing, existing, experiencing
  11. 5 things you ate in the last 24 hours:
    coffee, toast with butter, pepsi, cheddar cheese with crackers
  12. 5 things you can hear right now:
    Artillery, the dog snoring, wind in the trees, house settling
  13. 10 people who need to eat shit:
    um, I don’t like the atkins diet, but hey……….
  14. 10 people that rock your socks (in no particular order):
    • Heinlein, and his patriarch and matriarch, Lazarus and Maureen
    • Rand, and her patriarch, John Galt
    • Buddha,
    • Ghandi,
    • Hyacinthe, Queen of my Knights, my Goddess manifested into a physical being I can worship, as well as lean on,
    • Jefferson
    • Einstein
    • Nietzsche, and his patriarch, Zarathustra
    • Franklin
    • Edison
  15. What do you most like about your body? The way my skin fits so nicely, and is waterproof to boot. How cool is that?
  16. And least: my need to sleep; strains of Aerosmith play in the background
  17. How many fillings do you have? 2
  18. Do you think you’re good looking?: I think I am attractive, that goes way deeper than looks. But I am satisfied with what I have done with the place.
  19. Do other people often tell you that you that you’re good looking?: I’ve been told I’m “yummy” or even “pretty” lately that I get to grow my hair back. I know I have a good body, in damn good shape for 37; good for sex, keeps me motivated. I think I have a good presence, but I wouldn’t call it good looks. More a pride in what I got, no matter what it is, grok?
  20. Do you look like any celebrities? was told by one of my soldiers I reminded him of Tom Beringer; I don’t quite see it, except in personality with some of his roles. More like Gunny in Heartbreak Ridge.

Well, what a refreshing exercise in introspection and mirror gazing.

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