28 January, 2004

A response to 'Cowboys', pt 2

And so, to pay for the mistake of the administration (papa Bush), under the pretext of some
“imminent threat” which never has materialized, this so called ‘cowboy hero’ of whoever started this thread, has killed tens of thousands of more or less innocent people. He is denying the liberties that this nation stands for to hundreds of people who do not even meet the international definition of combatant. I have met and talked with and enjoyed the company of some people whom you would now consider an enemy merely because of the religion of their choice, the color of their skin, or the location of their homes. This administration has bred racism and nationalism and raised it to a fever pitch, and if that is what you all want to think is a wonderful thing, then ok. But, please, Sister, I beg of you, because it hurts and offends me that you would send such a thing to me; but I know it is my fault because I have not shared with you my reasons.
I had friends die in that war, and in the last one. Each and every soldier placed his faith in
the administration doing the ‘right thing’ that they never considered the consequences. I lost my faith, and so I do not have to pay for the loss of innocent lives; I got out. My men do. I just tried to make them competent enough to come back safe, which they all did. My contribution is complete, and tied me just as assuredly as the rest of the supporters to the consequences of what we have done, internationally, internally, as well as karmically.
I do, chuckle, however, at the thought that this e-mail is possibly a spin tactic designed to do
just what it appears inspired to do: inspire you and get you to equate Mr.. Bush with all the
heroes of your youth. Pretty pictures and touching sentiments to distract you from what you
should be concerned about. Bread and Circuses. Nero is rosin up his bow, I can hear it.
I do not think the country is safer now than it was. Indeed, I think the country now faces a far greater threat than that of any terrorist organization or even foreign government. We risk
following the same footsteps as Athens, Rome, and Carthage. I have literally hundreds of quotes from authors, philosophers, historians, and the most influential thinker in my room, ME, that support what I say. You offer me an ad campaign that is poorly disguised. And on the holiday set aside for one of the last great men who championed liberty and the worth of the individual. How crass.
Perhaps you say that at least Iraq is a better place?

It is sadly ironic that the citizens now have LESS actual freedom than before we ‘liberated’
them. Now a Shi’ite population that has been repressed is doing the repressing, just like in
Kosovo. How similar in beliefs are the Shi’ites of Iraq and the Shi’ites of Iran? Do you know?
Have you thought about it? How about we just push those two populations together and make one big pissed off bunch of people. And the sad thing is, they have a right to be pissed off. We placed Saddam in power, we placed the Shah in power. These were the ones that REPRESSED the Shi’ite populations. This already happened in Iran. The history hasn’t all been rewritten, take a look. Did you ever wonder why they called us the Great Satan? It wasn’t all cause they were jealous of our wealth. They were jealous of our freedoms. And look what we are doing to them. The nation that decides to trade security for Liberty deserves neither. I believe Ben Franklin said that.
Do you think that maybe this story proves that we need to crack down harder on the Islamic
militants, because they are targeting Christians? You are being played like a fiddle, my Sister. Do you really think that it was a slip of the tongue that Mr.. Bush called the War on Terror a “Crusade”? He is spitting on the very Constitution I swore to defend, as did he.
I support our troops. They do not enjoy the right to choose their wars, and after the debacle of the last election, it doesn’t seem that they have the right to choose their leaders.
Again, thank you for the post. It had some great pics of some of the heroes of my youth, and some pics of heroes that even today I respect. The subject is not one of them.
I would appreciate it in the future if you would refrain from forwarding me any of the patriotic stuff; at least for the time being. The cats and dog pictures were absolutely hilarious, though.  
Thank you for those.
End Part 2

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