28 January, 2004

A response to 'Cowboys', pt 1

Recently, I received a forwarded e-mail from my dear Sister, the one where the supposed senior citizen is extolling the virtues of our dear president. This was my response:
Thank you Shannon.
I also like cowboys. But I also recognize that not all of the Indians that the Cowboys killed had to die. I think Bush is more of a bully. Cowboys had their share of those, also. Plus, he doesn’t strike me as all that literate, but I am sure he is; so that leads me to believe he thinks he is sneaky, using his hick persona to lull the country into trusting him, not unlike a cowboy guiding his cattle. See, the funny thing about real good guys and real bad guys is, it isn’t so easy to tell the difference.
It strikes me as odd that you would send me such a horrid thing knowing that I am out of the Army, and I assume you at least have some understanding of why I am out; Dad doesn’t understand or seem to want to understand, so I am not asking you to. But please, my Sister, understand this about me: the use of violence, indeed, any Force at all, when it is unnecessary, is abhorrent to me.  It sickens me. I have enough adrenaline in me to kill a freaking rhino. The Army considers me unfit to kill, and so they retired me to pastures.  I guess I am fit to not kill.
I am unfit to kill, in the biblical sense. Thou shalt not kill is not really a good translation, in my understanding. In my understanding, a better translation is Thou shalt not Murder; meaning, in my understanding “Thou shalt not take a life unnecessarily”.
I take that Commandment to an extreme. I truly am an extremist, not what they would have you think an extremist is. Look it up, sometime, and quit talking newspeak. But anyway, in my extreme worldview, I think that one should always use the minimum force necessary to the ensure accomplishment of the mission; whatever mission it be, from communicating with ones child to the protection of the planet and the human race. One should also be competent in the use of force. And one should most definitely think long and hard before resorting to fisticuffs or F-16’s.

Isn’t that sort of what we teach our children? It is what I teach mine.
We have a great military, and I am damned proud to have served in it as long as I did, and with as much distinction as I did. My uniform hangs proudly in my closet, and I still look, act, and think like a Warrior. Men should be warriors, as well as women. We have the greatest fighting force ever known in the history of Man. But one should be fully convinced, and therefor committed before using that force, because the Karmic debt will be paid, and ignorance of the Law is no excuse. We bullied our way into a conflict with Iraq.
Mr.Bush has shown no evidence that the reasons he gave are true, and yet he had asked us to trust him, that time would prove him right. Evidence has been shown that the administration knowingly lied, or at the very least obfuscated and finagled. This is allowed in a country that no longer holds it’s leaders accountable for the telling of Truth. We do not hold them accountable for their actions. I perceived this about to happen, and that is why I started making noises after I got back from Kosovo; that is why I put in for CO status. He is making our soldiers kill what are at best people merely unlucky enough to be born in a crappy country, at worst people who are soldiers trying to fight off an invading army.
Hussein didn’t have anything to do with 911, at least no connection has ever been shown to me that makes me think so. I have, however, seen the things that this country has done. We are the ones that put the Al-Quaida network into power to combat the Russians. We put Hussein in power and kept him supplied with arms to fight Iran. At the very worst, Hussein is a pit bull this country trained and then we destroyed a whole bunch of them because they were cowed by the pit bull. The Iraqi people don’t hate us, they don’t give crap about us, they are too busy trying to survive. The crowds of protesters were forced or paid by the regime. Saddam was a bad man, but we put him there.
End of Part 1

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