28 January, 2004

A response to 'Cowboys', pt 3

Well, as luck would have it, my Sister was a bit taken aback by my response. She sent back a message that asked what her response should be. This is what I wrote:
Dear Sister, I do not try to predict your responses. I could not have predicted you would send me  what you sent me. How then could I pretend to give you the appropriate response to my post?
However, if you wish me to explain what I think an appropriate response would be, I shall have to make some assumptions as to your motivations and perceptions. So I shall endeavor to do that now.
As mentioned, I never would have thought you would send me something like that piece of propaganda. Here is what I thought you understood about me:
I had applied for consideration as a conscientious objector after returning from Kosovo. I did this because I realized that we were killing people that didn't need to be killed. There are no good guys or bad guys in our foreign policy, any longer. It is all about whether it benefits the government to help or not. If we were truly still about Freedom, and the propagation of the concepts of Liberty, we would have gone into Tienanmen Square back in 90. We did not. We let people die that deserved our protection. Think about that, and try to understand how that changed my attitudes towards allowing the government to determine where my Sword is wielded.
I met citizens of the former Soviet Union. I liked them. They are just like us. They love their kids and they just want to make the best of their lives; they had a lot less opportunity than us, though. I would have killed them, if their government had told them to attack, and my government had told us to defend. Can you see how this killed me inside? To know that I had placed myself under the authority of a group of people who wielded Power not with an ultimate aim towards increasing Liberty in the World, or even just decreasing pain and suffering.
I loved Reagan, and I loved (much of) my time in the military. I loved learning how to be an efficient master of the Art of War. However, though it be a cliche’, with great power DOES come great responsibility. Why else am I taught self discipline as well as martial arts? Why does the 3rd degree black belt fight less often than the street thug? Because the learned warrior has nothing to prove, and much to lose, by the indiscriminate use of Force.
So, I hope you have some understanding of my sociopolitical ideologies concerning the use of Force.
End Part 3

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