06 November, 2003


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
What a scary term, for those who know nothing of military life. They might think that it is only Viet Nam vets that have PTSD.
Sorry, Agent Orange is what Viet Nam has. PTSD is available to all.
If you were ever in a violent situation (bank robbery, car crash, molestation) you are subject to PTSD.
PTSD means only that you were in a crappy situation, and need help dealing with it.
Killing someone is a crappy situation. You would think that the military would be aware of it, since we do it all the time, and PTSD is a catch phrase at the VA.
But no one talks about PTSD until some ‘crazy veteran’ is up on a rooftop.
People! We sent men and women to kill. That is not normal. A catchy country and western song is NOT going to fix them.
Call your Congress(wo)man, call your representative. Make sure your military is taken care of, now, because it doesn’t make sense to wait.
My Platoon Sergeant told me many years ago that a shit sandwich seven days old was just a stale shit sandwich. Eat it fresh, was his point. You will eat it, sooner or later, was his moral.
Bon Appetite

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