05 November, 2003

War sucks and then you die

I am so sick of people.
9-11 happened, and everyone was ready to fight. They played right into the hands of a group of people who wanted an excuse to attack.
Pearl Harbor happened also. Did America never read about it? Did America never realize that we could have stopped it?
Roosevelt wanted America in the war; what better way to get them to want to fight?
Bush isn’t even sneaky about it; makes me sad for the stupidity of humanity.
Time will tell; but no one will listen.
I have lost, to date, two people I know in this fight that I sit out of. I lost many the first time. But I fought then. I lost people in Bosnia, in Kosovo, in Albania. Didn’t lose any of mine, but I knew them.
And now the question is, “What do we do?”
It seems like a cop out.
Do not say, “Well, we shouldn’t have done it in the first place.” I know that.
It is so South Park of them all to say that now we have to send more troops, cause THEY ARE COMING RIGHT AT US!
No shit. Kill a bear cause he attacks your camp, you are justified, maybe. Kill a bear cause you fucked with him, now I think you are wrong. The bear was right.
Fuck Bush for making me choose between my country and what was right.
I never should have had to choose.
My country should be right. Fuck my country if it is wrong.
Fuck you, you people who ignored my men when we were being shot at in Kosovo, but raised your flag because of 9-11.

American soldiers are killed almost EVERY day.
Fuck you, you people who thought that our ability to wage war gave us the right to.
Might doesn’t make right, ask your grandfather who fought Hitler.
Fuck you, you people who were CONTENT to watch the war on CNN, but checked their stocks daily to see if a war was good.
Even in Viet Nam, rich people were absolved. I can go to college and not fight, if my daddy is rich. If I am only a genius, but poor, the military can help me pay my way to college; if I live.
Fuck you, you people who now think that a certain number of deaths means it is time to come home.
Tell it to my Brigade, that lost people. Tell it to my friend, who lost her husband.
The reason war is hell is so that you don’t decide to do it over a beer and a country song.

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